Friday Favorites

Mix Borderline and Anorexic Friday Favorites

My mom’s procedure went well yesterday afternoon in despite of few little health problems, her procedure was to his left arm, his arm is now totally immobilize, I tried to take care of her last night, I will continue today, seriously I’m happy a little that she needs help for simple things because she says always that no one think to her, I will be able to show her that it’s not true.

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Life Lately

Hi! Thursday.

I have a random of pictures and things that I did this week. This week was a pretty good week, expect some few anxiety that were there. I walked a lot alone in streets on monday and fighting my fear to be assaulted,… if not it’s my daily things.


Friday, I received my first J Crew order I was so excited, why? just because I was waiting this order during two weeks with the international shipping between USA and France. I ordered a shirt here and I love it.

Mix Borderline and Anorexic Life Lately

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