A Day in The Life {01.15.2018}

Hi! today I will posted “A day in The life” post because I love see these posts types on the others blogs and with the blog I love also come back and re-see these days. This is my yesterday, with a typical monday where I went at a of my psychiatrist visit. This was a anxious day a little in general but if not it was good, there was not a lot of anxiety.

I woke up at 9h30am after a not very good night.

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What… Goals & Reach all long year – 2018

Hi! Today, I will to do a post where I talk of my goals for 2018 but I want also share my tips for reach and follow your goals all long year. Seriously, I do not like really the new of a year for start a lot of goals… because in general we take a day for write goals for the year but after two weeks we are discouraged and we give up, I love write goals all beginning of each months like that I reach my goals.

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Life Lately… pictures

Today, I have a little random of pictures of my life lately of these last few days. Ice Skating, christmas movies, hot chocolate, nutella crepes, reading New York, Philips Hue Go are here and they are my favorites for close this christmas season.

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