Friday Favorites

Hi! Today like every fridays I share my favorites of the week.

WARNING!!! If you are a person don’t love get out early christmas decorations this post is not done for you. On wednesday, I sarted to get out christmas decorations and I loved, I don’t finished again but I took these little times in christmas decorations out of depression sides. With Christmas Decorations inside my head, my depression wasn’t a lot here this week. PERFECT. My week was full with my independence on the way psychiatrist visit.

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I talk… Holidays Plans

Today and like once time of all months I write my post entitled “I talk” with a special subject and today it’s special, it’s about…HOLIDAYS PLANS.The holidays plans are not planned in my family, me I decided create holidays plans for me or even my family for which to do something.

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Food: November Goals {2017}

It’s 9th November already and I have not posted my food goals of this month.

See a review of October with some bad and good things like eat my favorites foods or eat Fall things and deceptions.


This month is SPECIAL is start THE begin of CHRISTMAS season. I’m honest I’m excited.

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