September Food in Review

September coming to go at the end… it’s time for my September Food in Review.

This was a special month because I was on a trip and a good. WHY? because. because I managed a BIG VICTORY. I did not managed all completely goals… but I managed to eat Yogurts. AWAZING!!!

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SUMMER 2017 Recap

Hi! The end of Summer is here, I lived a lots of things, emotions, progress during all Summer, in beginning of June I did a Summer List, you can see here.


Okay, let’s see if I did.

The most of my list are done, sometimes a lots, sometimes just a little, all are done except “Public Pools” my anxiety taken over that, I did not watched a sleepless night TV Shows also… I watched them the night a little not entire sleepless and when I wanted and that was good.

Summer inclue also a hard Anxiolytic WithDrawal.


The other day, I took few minutes and a post it for write my few favorites of this summer.


Here is my top 10 favorites of Summer.


#1 Corsica Vacation

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