Mini Raspberry Cheesecake

They are perfect for little hunger and easy to do.


Recipe for 6 Cups of ≈333ml.




180g Spéculos.

36g Butter {melted}.

400g Heavy Cream.

260g Cream Cheese – room temperature).

360g Raspberries – fresh.

280g Powdered Sugar.





Mix in a Food Processor Spéculos with Butter – melted – until all is correctly combined.

Take 6 Cups and put 3 Tblps on the bottom of every ensure that all Cups are equals.

Mix Heavy Cream and Powdered Sugar with a Hand Electric Batter until soft.

Add and mix Cream Cheese – room temperature until it’s good.

Take 5 Tblps of mixture and put in each cups, ensure that it’s equal in all.

Let the bowl to side.

Add few Raspberries on the mixture.

Add again 5 Tblps of mixture on the Raspberries and ensure that it’s always again equals for the 6 Cups.

Add few Raspberries on the top for decorate.


Put in the fridge 1 hour until 49hour or retire of fridge when you are ready for serve it.


Little Dessert with these Mini Raspberry Cheesecake.







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Food: May Goals {2017}

After a long time of hesitation if I will do this post cause the big goals that I could to make myself for recovery of Anorexia, my tooth problems stops me a little on some. To do these posts “Food Goals” and “Food Review” are some of my favorites that I did last year for recovery of Anorexia and they help myself so much.

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Today, I do a food in review post for the month of April. There is a lots of months where I didn’t Food Goals or Food In Review for the simple reason that I can’t eat for recovery to Anorexia cause of my tooth problems but this month I founded more divers foods that this last months.

See storie Dark Secret (tooth problems), Recovery #1, Recovery#2 ‘s posts.

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A look of a life lately here.


Friday, ate at KFC, I started by Dessert before. These littles pieces was at cheese.



Friday afternoon, I tried to resolve problem with my iphone.

NCIS is not actually friday night on tv in france, I decided to watch on my Dvd that I bought at Christmas.

I read also a little.

Saturday, I found at shop this yogurt with Vanilla-Raspberry squares.


Nutella pancakes and Hot Chocolate for saturday afternoon.

Few times sun start at a little comes in my city, I love the shadow on my bookcase.


Saturday evening ipad games.

NCIS L.A. night.

I drunk a tea behind NCIS L.A..


Hot Chocolate and milka.


Tantrix Sunday.

Monster Munch.


A FIRST!!! Sunday for lunch I tried to eat a little beaf.

Sunday Ice Cream.


A little time outside of the home but I’m stayed inside the car.


Tomatoes Soup.

On Sunday night I ‘m watched Happy New Year together I created a Photos Book.

Monday Lego.

A SECOND FIRST!!! I ate a little fish.

On the night I’m started my week Tv show challenge.

Tuesday, during my dad was inside a store I help my mother to adjust GPS and Radio in new car.


At this time, I love go in library or stationery.


Nutella Pancakes night.

Life Lately.