Random Of Pictures.

Today, I have a random & assortiment of picture of my week.

This past week, I was always bad and in my depression… a lot of christmas is around me, I deep again more in christmas spirit, my big help with the depression low that I’m inside. If me I have put my Christmas Decorations in my room since the mid-november, my parents put the their in the rest of home this week… I have helped them beside some big anxiety.

A place for work.

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Depression and Life Lately

Hi! Today, it’s a random of pictures of my life lately. Since, early last week I have deep so much in a depression low as well as a anorexia relapse (in real it’s not anorexia relapse, it’s just that I do not want really eat because of my depression low). I have not a lot of pictures, I did not to do a lot this week, I had my psychiatrist visit on monday that was sweet. I want so much stay sit and to do nothing in cause of this big depression low (but I love and in despite all I always want to do the blog),… a lot of Christmas things it’s here because that help me so much all Christmas spirit.


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Life Lately. Hidden by Depression.

Today, I have a assortiment of pictures of my life lately who is hidden by a depression lows and a relapse with anorexia. This lately inclue: christmas movies, christmas store, christmas decorations get out, fight alone anxiety outside world, hot chocolate… First Christmas Baking with some Gingerbread Muffins. On another side of that, I feel down in depression and I do a relapse with eating disorder.

Three or Four nights by week, I watching a Christmas movie.

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Life Lately. Between Depression and Anxiety.

Hi! It’s day for a life lately in photos. My days are full with my depression sides and anxiety attacks, it’s not the tranquil days… but I did few extra things this week which help me a little to go out of my depression or anxiety… This week I tried to do her the most with Halloween thing, Halloween movies every nights, Spider Pancakes for Halloween breakfast, Halloween Photoshoot, etc these little things. Ok, let’s start for recap my week in photos with a life lately.

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Weekly Routine FIGHT Depression

Hi! there is few weeks ago I did a post where I explained my daily routine by hours/things for try to stay strong in front of depression lows, today I decided to do a post with my weekly routine for fight depression, yes like I explained in my daily routine‘s post I have special things that I do every days but I have too some special things that I do once time by week during a night, a day etc, these little special things I wait them week on week. I love this is a BIG HELP for depression.

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