Food: August Goals {2017} & 1 Year Recap

Hi! Today, it’s Food: August Goals but not only this is one year ago that I started to fix me goals for recovery of Anorexia and where am I with these goals? They help me or no? How they help me? One year Recap, I go try to answer to these questions.

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Anorexia – How I Found Love in Food

I don’t know if all peoples with Anorexia or anyother Eating Disorder at this problem or it’s just me.

ME, my biggest problem with the fear to grow is my disgust for a lots of foods and even if the food has not so much calories inside.

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Food: May Goals {2017}

After a long time of hesitation if I will do this post cause the big goals that I could to make myself for recovery of Anorexia, my tooth problems stops me a little on some. To do these posts “Food Goals” and “Food Review” are some of my favorites that I did last year for recovery of Anorexia and they help myself so much.

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