Christmas Home Tour 2017

Hi! It’s a post that I waited since a lot of times: CHRISTMAS HOME TOUR.

“All I want for Christmas” from Mariah Carey in background.

I will to do a little tour of my room decorate for Christmas, a thing that I love so much and that help me so much in more inside my depression passage, and actually it’s a big passage in depression relapse, I need more that all <<Christmas spirit>>.

Let’s go for the tour.



I have this wooden board (I created by myself) on the right of entrance of my bedroom.

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Lego Kits Organization

My new obsession it’s Lego.

There is few months ago when I started to wanted to buy a Lego Kit Box, I don’t know really if I would love at my age (almost 21) but when I was a kid I loved Lego and building games. I searched some things to do outside technology…. these last years I loved particularly puzzles but I tought that it was not enough, I wanted buildings games but not puzzles, I thinking in second step like 3D building games and I went more in Lego way. I started and loved these extra times to building Lego.

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All FALL about Here!

While I write this FALL post I think a lot of Hot Chocolate which I could drunk or pumpkin cookies that I ate just before I write this post. Because it’s seasonal!

It’s October now and Fall is widely here, I thinking that it’s the best time for a Fall Decorations post, I will show my Fall/Halloween Decorations that I have in my room, I enjoyed and loved to put these decorations, I’m feeling good when I see them, I enjoy fall with them. I loved put little orange things.

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