I talk… Technology

Today and like once Monday of all months I write my post entitled “I talk” with a special subject and today it’s about…TECHNOLOGY.

We are in a big Century World Technology ever and if today, it’s like that I can’t imagine the futur technology in about 10 years… it’s fear me sometimes even.


My technology devices are Ipad, iphone, DSLR, Macbook and recently I do the acquisition of a Apple Watch.


The Technology is powerful, these devices I love them, we can to do some awesome things with… Sometimes we use so much, some peoples are on 24H, and some that want at all coasts buy the last technology device out. Me, I’m not like theses, I love the technology but I found that it’s so much to buy the last device out (iphone; ex) when I love my device, he is operate even that it’s not the last out, I keep it.


My first ipad (4) was for my christmas/birthday in 2012, I switch for a ipad air 2 in december 2016 cause my last it was too slow by force of too much utilisation cause during 3 years, I use it for all to do cause I did not have laptop, here I did a ipad special post.

May 2015 I do the acquisition of a MacBook.

here a Macbook post.


My DSLR is a Canon 1200D bought in December 2014, easy to use when I start in Photography but it’s is necessary that I change it in next months for more powerful cause of my higher level now in photography and videos.


On september 2015, I do the acquisition of a iphone 5s who start so much to malfunction but I keep it again and I thing for a other on september, despite of my Apple Care, apple says that my iphone perfectly same I have some problems.



This month, I bought a Apple Watch series 2 white, since few months I wanted one. It’s too early for give my opinion, but I love it. I could to do a Review in the next week.



HOHO! A big world of Technology, sometimes Technology can to be a good thing but Technology can be a bad thing also, particularly on Mental Health.



Pssstt: My favorite Technology brand is Apple.


This is a “I talk… Technology”‘ s post.



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Today, it’s a post I talk with organization.


Organization is a important thing in my life for that calm me when I’m angry or others emotions.

I search always new ideas for more organization.

A thing before that I organize and that before buy somethings I thinking some times if I go really use it it’s more easy for organize when there is no lots of things to organize, it’s my thought.


Organization Dvd’S; the movies I put them in a blender (that take less space) which I class by categories, I don’t have so much Dvd’s so I don’t have so much labels; For Tv Shows I let them in their original box because I prefer, I don’t have so much series just my favorites and I buy it one season, my favorite, the season or there is more episodes that I love them, others seasons I watch in streaming.


Books (a books post with my favorites here) it’s same that Dvd’s, before buy it one I search online if I want really, by colors I love organize them at this time.


Bills,manuals, warranties are all in a blender in velcro A4 pocket, I put it by categories also.

I have also a box with compartiments where I put all little things.

Since I started my formation in August I love use a weekly planner for marked when I worked, I write also in the special posts that I want to do.


It’s a good thing for manage my some of Borderline problems.