Depression and Life Lately

Hi! Today, it’s a random of pictures of my life lately. Since, early last week I have deep so much in a depression low as well as a anorexia relapse (in real it’s not anorexia relapse, it’s just that I do not want really eat because of my depression low). I have not a lot of pictures, I did not to do a lot this week, I had my psychiatrist visit on monday that was sweet. I want so much stay sit and to do nothing in cause of this big depression low (but I love and in despite all I always want to do the blog),… a lot of Christmas things it’s here because that help me so much all Christmas spirit.


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No Way Today, just Two Medical visits.

There is no special post today, I had two medical visits, including my psychiatrist visit, that was sweet. I walked around the city of my psychiatrist, I see a lot of Christmas Decorations (it was so good)… and I continue my progress against social anxiety because I went alone at my psychiatrist visit even with the most security in cause of “Marché de Noël”.

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This is about my Lack Of Autonomy or Independence

I don’t know if clearly more a lack of autonomy or independence, I don’t know really but a thing is that I do not have enough of autonomy or independence for my 21 years old adult life. This lack comes I know where… my child and above all my lack of selfconfidence, all right!

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