Lego Kits Organization

My new obsession it’s Lego.

There is few months ago when I started to wanted to buy a Lego Kit Box, I don’t know really if I would love at my age (almost 21) but when I was a kid I loved Lego and building games. I searched some things to do outside technology…. these last years I loved particularly puzzles but I tought that it was not enough, I wanted buildings games but not puzzles, I thinking in second step like 3D building games and I went more in Lego way. I started and loved these extra times to building Lego.

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All FALL about Here!

While I write this FALL post I think a lot of Hot Chocolate which I could drunk or pumpkin cookies that I ate just before I write this post. Because it’s seasonal!

It’s October now and Fall is widely here, I thinking that it’s the best time for a Fall Decorations post, I will show my Fall/Halloween Decorations that I have in my room, I enjoyed and loved to put these decorations, I’m feeling good when I see them, I enjoy fall with them. I loved put little orange things.

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Simple LifeStyle Books

Hi! I will show you my favorites minimalist books, they can help you if you want become with minimalist or if you want deepen your minimalist lifestyle or if you are a keep all things in your home person. I encourage you to test and read these books, they are of a good help for me… and I’m sure that they can help other persons.

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IG Feed

Hi! It’s monday and in one week it’s back to school, today, I go talk about my Insta account, there is few weeks ago I started to create a Insta account because I founded that it will be a good extra to my blog and because photos is my passion/job. If at the beginning I posted not so much these last time, I really big feed my Instagram account.


On my account I post photos about how I feel, what I do, my favorites things, food, etc… My account is generally full of clear and light photos which is in report with my minimalist LifeStyle, suffers, Borderline personality Disorder, Anorexia, Anxiety… My Goals.


Few little photos I posted.

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I want to do a post about my life with a ipad.


(There is few weeks I did a post about my favorites Iphone/Ipad apps.)

My first Ipad I had it in Christmas 2012, at beginning I did all things with him because I had a PC that it not working correctly and slow.

In May 2015, I had my MacBook at this time I slowed my use with my Ipad but by force uses since 1 and half year ago it not working good and there is some bugs.


For Christmas 2016, my parents bought a other Ipad.


My use with him it’s dedicated at my games.


Safari also when I do not want use my MacBook for internet researches and I find my Iphone not enough big, sometimes I use Plans. I had always my old Ipad that I use when I go somewhere and that I do not want take my new Ipad, generally when I take a Ipad outside it’s for watching videos.


My impressions about my old Ipad and new Ipad, they have changed at design level, it’s different but I love the two each for them.



Hello, today it’s a About me post.

I am a very timid person , throughout my childhood I was alone and now always.

Favorite TV Show: Monk, NCIS, Psych and 7th Heaven.

Favorite movies: Home Alone 1,2&3, Santa Baby, Beethoven’s Christmas Adventure, Fun Size & The Dog Who Saved Halloween.

Favorite colors: purple, red, black.

Favorite colors home deco: powder blue, white, beige.

Favorite decor style: Nordic & Scandinavian.

Favorite Life style: Minimalist

Favorite Clothing brand: GAP, Esprit, Abercrombie, Hollister, Superdry, Petit Bâteau, Roxy, UGG & TOMS.

Favorite Books: It’s kind of a funny story & books about video edit & photography.

Favorite High Tech brand: Apple, Canon & Samsung.

Favorite things to do: Photograph, Edit videos & Filming.

Places I would like visit: New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, Tokyo, Copenhagen, Norway.

Phobias: Fire, Spider, Social, School,…

Psychiatric medications I took: Many antidepressants, One or two neuroleptics, Actually I take Lamictal 50mg since the middle of October 2015, I started with 25mg until 150mg around of Christmas and now I went down cause side effects.

Near a post About my Borderline Disorder and a post About my Anorexia.

Je suis une personne très timide , toute mon enfance j’étais seul et toujours aujourd’hui.

Séries préférées: Monk, NCIS, Psych et 7th Heaven.

Films préférés: Home Alone 1,2 & 3, La fille du Père Noël, Beethoven sauve Noël, Fun Size & Le chien d’halloween.

Couleurs préférées: violet, rouge, noir.

Couleurs préférées pour la déco: bleu pastel, blanc, beige.

Style de décoration préférée: Nordique & scandinave.

Favorite Style de vie: Minimaliste

Favorite marques de vêtements: GAP, Abercrombie, Hollister, Superdry, Petit Bateau, Roxy, UGG & TOMS.

Livres préférés: It’s Kind Of A Funny Story & Les livres d’Anne Laure Jacquard sur la photographie et quelques livres sur le montage vidéos et pour filmer.

Favorite marques High Tech: Apple, Canon et Samsung.

Choses que je préfère faire: Photographier, éditer des vidéos et tourner.

Endroits que je voudrais visiter: New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, Tokyo, Copenhague, Norvège.

Phobies: Feu, Araignée, sociaux, école, …

Médicaments psychiatriques j’ai pris: De nombreux antidépresseurs, un ou deux neuroleptiques, je prends du 50mg Lamictal depuis le milieu d’Octobre 2015, j’ai commencé avec 25mg jusqu’à 150mg autour de Noël et maintenant je suis redescendu à cause des effets secondaires.

Prochainement un post About my Borderline Disorder & un post About my Anorexia.