Photos 101: Christmas Food Photoshoot

Christmas food photography is a thing that I wait all long year.

Food Photography help me to recovery from anorexia (for see why it’s here, I did a post about how take food photography help me to recovery).


With Christmas take food photography is more festive, work and add christmas stuffs, colors, I love that, it’s FUN.


In general, I did not love add accentuate colors but in christmas photography I love add colors and stuffs aside of foods.


Look below in these photos with my m&m’s christmas bars recipe. (Recipe here).

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Between Camera, Screen… why I love this one for express my emotions

Ok, this is a big deal, few years ago I started to discovered and little by little loved photography again more later I started to have a interest on videoshooting and editing videos.

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PHOTOS 101: Packing my camera bag

Today, I start a new regular monthly posts: PHOTOS 101; during the next six months I go talk of a subject about Photo, you can see upper what I will talk what month.

Last month I did a post about my organization with photographs, this post does not belong of this new posts series; but he could. (You can see it here).

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