Mix Borderline and Anorexic HOW I PACK FOR A TRIP

Today I wanted to do a post about packing for a trip because I love packing this is my favorite part of a trip preparations.

When I take airplane as for Nice for few days alone I do not take hold bagage I take just a cabin suitcase. It’s small and hard but possible.

Some tips I use for pack

#1 I love use packing cubes for suitcase for T shirt, pants, short etc I use cubes too for underwear.

#2 I use shoes ( that I put in a plastic bag ) for put little things inside as belt, socks.

#3 I don’t use so much liquids but I love put each liquids inside a little ziplock bag and after inside bag accepted by airline company.

#4 I love use a plastic sleeve as that for papers that I put in my suitcase.

#5 I’m a photographer, inside my suitcase my DSLR  bag take so much space but I use it too for all cables and chargers of my phone and tablet.

It’s rarely that my MacBook come with me on a trip generally I take alone my iPad and iPhone, for trip to Nice beginning September I took alone my iPhone not my iPad, I tell myself that for 4 days I don’t need of my iPad ( I’m minimalist ) it was exactly, I do not need of him on place.

#6 For sleep better I take with me the pillow cover that sleep with me in my bed for appease me, if I can I take my blanket with me I can’t sleep without them.

#7 I take with me always my prescriptions medical for the treatment that I take actually and all medications that I will need.

Packing for a trip it is a thing that I love.

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