Today, it’s a post I talk with organization.


Organization is a important thing in my life for that calm me when I’m angry or others emotions.

I search always new ideas for more organization.

A thing before that I organize and that before buy somethings I thinking some times if I go really use it it’s more easy for organize when there is no lots of things to organize, it’s my thought.


Organization Dvd’S; the movies I put them in a blender (that take less space) which I class by categories, I don’t have so much Dvd’s so I don’t have so much labels; For Tv Shows I let them in their original box because I prefer, I don’t have so much series just my favorites and I buy it one season, my favorite, the season or there is more episodes that I love them, others seasons I watch in streaming.


Books (a books post with my favorites here) it’s same that Dvd’s, before buy it one I search online if I want really, by colors I love organize them at this time.


Bills,manuals, warranties are all in a blender in velcro A4 pocket, I put it by categories also.

I have also a box with compartiments where I put all little things.

Since I started my formation in August I love use a weekly planner for marked when I worked, I write also in the special posts that I want to do.


It’s a good thing for manage my some of Borderline problems.


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