No Bake Individuals Mint Oreo Cheesecake

I founded idea to bake an individual portion Cheesecake in a Cup the other day, when I do not wanted bake a “normal” cheesecake cause I wanted just eat a little of a Cheesecake.


This recipe is for 5 Cups of ≈33cl.




185g Oreos

35g Butter – room temperature.

435ml Heavy Cream

295g Cream Cheese – Room Temperature.

5-7 Drops green Food Color

250g Powdered Sugar

2 Tbsps Mint Extract.

Whipped Cream (Optional)

5 Cups of about 33cl.




Mix in a Food Processor Oreos with Butter, let of aside if you want as me on the picture above the cheesecake mixture, if not, if you want like a “normal” Cheesecake in a springform pan, you can put the crush on the bottom of 5 Cups.


Mix Heavy Cream and Powdered Sugar with a Hand Electric Mixer.


Add Cream Cheese mix until all is correctly combined, add Mint Extract and Green Food Color.


Take, the Cheesecake preparation and put equal inside all 5 Cups.


Cover the Cups and Put 1 hour until 48Hours in the Fridge. Get out them when you are ready to serve it. Before serve put on the top Whipped Cream, if desire.


Serve and a Enjoy taste!




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