Anxiety Disorder. A Day in the Life.

I have a lot of Anxiety Disorder since some years ago, anxiety disorder it is the first mental disorder I had diagnosed in my life it was during my teen when I can’t return everyday at school cause of the bullying but that anyone was aware not even my psychiatrist. So, in first time just anxiety disorder was diagnosed.

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September Food in Review

September coming to go at the end… it’s time for my September Food in Review.

This was a special month because I was on a trip and a good. WHY? because. because I managed a BIG VICTORY. I did not managed all completely goals… but I managed to eat Yogurts. AWAZING!!!

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Life Lately

Hi! it’s a life lately today.

Between my back home of my trip (see recap here) to today, it’s time for photos.

These last times I do a little lots of anxiety crises due to some things, I go try to show what I did between these attacks.


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