This & That.

Okay, tomorrow I have a special post, I could not to do my regular simple friday favorites and thursday it’s reserved to my life lately (a little review of my week). I decided to do a this and that post where I could mix my life lately of this week and add my favorites of these last weeks. Okay in first time depression was less here but I had a lot of anxiety attacks these last times,… a bad psychiatrist visit,… baking, pumpkin, lego, books, coloring, tv shows, halloween movies are full my week.

I received my new 2018 planner from Erin Condren and I love it… he is full, a lot of stickers, of few stuffs for help you to organize you.

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Anxiety Disorder. A Day in the Life.

I have a lot of Anxiety Disorder since some years ago, anxiety disorder it is the first mental disorder I had diagnosed in my life it was during my teen when I can’t return everyday at school cause of the bullying but that anyone was aware not even my psychiatrist. So, in first time just anxiety disorder was diagnosed.

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