Anxiety Disorder. A Day in the Life.

I have a lot of Anxiety Disorder since some years ago, anxiety disorder it is the first mental disorder I had diagnosed in my life it was during my teen when I can’t return everyday at school cause of the bullying but that anyone was aware not even my psychiatrist. So, in first time just anxiety disorder was diagnosed.

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All FALL about Here!

While I write this FALL post I think a lot of Hot Chocolate which I could drunk or pumpkin cookies that I ate just before I write this post. Because it’s seasonal!

It’s October now and Fall is widely here, I thinking that it’s the best time for a Fall Decorations post, I will show my Fall/Halloween Decorations that I have in my room, I enjoyed and loved to put these decorations, I’m feeling good when I see them, I enjoy fall with them. I loved put little orange things.

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