Anxiety Disorder. A Day in the Life.

I have a lot of Anxiety Disorder since some years ago, anxiety disorder it is the first mental disorder I had diagnosed in my life it was during my teen when I can’t return everyday at school cause of the bullying but that anyone was aware not even my psychiatrist. So, in first time just anxiety disorder was diagnosed.

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Three Months without Anxiolytics Update

Hi! On saturday (30th September) this has made three months which I stopped the anxiolytics, to 1 month without I did a post of this first month without, How I managed? How I stopped? What Withdrawal I had?, post is here.

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A Skip Day {Edition August 2017}

Hi! On last Thursday, I took special planes.


Planes who can help me to have more autonomy, in June I had already done A Skip Day and on 31th August I started again… At one BIG exception, I had no took anxiolytics, OK!… this was not easy without… but I’m managed until the end.

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