Nice 2017

Hi! On last week I was on a trip with my mom and dad in Nice, France, I blog the recap of this trip today.

The trip was 6 days, we have take off with a flight on sunday, 10th in the afternoon and the back was friday, 15th in the afternoon, I will do this 6 days trip recap in only one post cause I have others posts planned, 6 days trip in one post, if you want all read and see, I advise you to have 5-10 minutes in front of you for read this post. I have 5 billions of pictures.

During this trip you have follow me maybe on Instagram, I have often posted photos or stories.


Anorexia was not here during this trip. No Calories Problem.

Bpd a little more.

No anxiolytics, it was stressful.

A sweet weather. Weather was between 25°C to 30°C.

Hard times in my mom relationship.

A lots of water jets.


This is already the third year in the row that we go in a Nice trip, at the end august or begin september, you can see my last year trip here. The Nice Terror Attack did not have us stop we continue to go.

After this trip my feelings are like in this post: The real after Travel.


You did not see my special posts about how I manage my Anorexia during a Travel or my OCD on Travel, we can read, Anorexia on Travel post and OCD on Travel post, you can found the links to the end of the post if you prefer.


The flight departure was to 03h50 pm, 1h30 before in Airport, this is a stressful place and again more without anxiolytics but I love airports environment.

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SUMMER 2017 Recap

Hi! The end of Summer is here, I lived a lots of things, emotions, progress during all Summer, in beginning of June I did a Summer List, you can see here.


Okay, let’s see if I did.

The most of my list are done, sometimes a lots, sometimes just a little, all are done except “Public Pools” my anxiety taken over that, I did not watched a sleepless night TV Shows also… I watched them the night a little not entire sleepless and when I wanted and that was good.

Summer inclue also a hard Anxiolytic WithDrawal.


The other day, I took few minutes and a post it for write my few favorites of this summer.


Here is my top 10 favorites of Summer.


#1 Corsica Vacation

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Food: August Goals {2017} & 1 Year Recap

Hi! Today, it’s Food: August Goals but not only this is one year ago that I started to fix me goals for recovery of Anorexia and where am I with these goals? They help me or no? How they help me? One year Recap, I go try to answer to these questions.

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